Wednesday, October 17th, 2018

Thickener Tank is a Widely Used Separation Device

In the ore sorting process, the beneficiation process is a very lengthy process. If we regard the entire beneficiation process as a huge network, the pulp is the blood in this network, and the slurry pump in the process of slurry transportation is The source of power, the pipeline through which the slurry flows is the skeleton of the entire network, and Thickener Tank(concentrated large well)is the intermediate transfer station of the entire network.

Since the ore will input a large amount of water (such as magnetically selected flushing water) during magnetic separation or re-election, the concentration of the slurry before flotation is too low, which is far from meeting the concentration requirement of flotation, so it is the main flotation. the reason. In the floating before the operation, an efficient concentration device is set as the slurry concentration dehydration device.

The concentration tank is a widely used solid-liquid separation equipment, which is the main equipment for the concentration process in the fields of plant selection, sewage treatment and chemical industry. In actual production, there are a variety of mineral processing equipment, which are used in the production process and also in experimental research. In a laboratory concentrator, a high efficiency concentrator is a typical structural device, taking it as an example. Introduction to the principle of laboratory concentrator

A cross-shaped truss is arranged on the central vertical axis of the bottom of the pool, and the bottom of the truss is a scraper. When the concentrator is working, the truss is continuously scraped by the hydraulic motor to the bottom of the mud, which is due to the pool. The shape of the bottom is tapered, and finally the mud is discharged from the outside to the center of the bottom of the pool, while the upper water enters the overflow. The concentrator device automatically senses the pressure sensor signal by the core PLC, and the operation is simple and flexible.

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Wednesday, October 17th, 2018

Introduction to the main Advantages of Efficient Thickening Tank

High-efficiency Thickening Tank are also called thickening tanks. Compared with traditional concentrating tanks, concentrating tanks have the characteristics of deep cones, and the height of equipment is significantly higher than other concentrating tanks. The machine is mainly composed of a deep cone, a feeding device, a stirring device, a control box, a drug delivery device and an automatic control system. So what is the difference between the principle of concentration and ordinary concentrating tanks? Zhejiang Jinji Factory will take you to understand.

Generally, in order to obtain a good compacting effect, it is necessary to go through three indispensable stages, namely, a coagulation destabilization stage, a coagulation granulation stage, and a filtration compression stage. If the flocculation is insufficient, the solid-liquid separation will not achieve the desired effect.

The same is true for effective concentrating tanks. The slurry is flocculated in a concentration tank. After the large flocs in the slurry are increased to a certain amount, the bottom of the thickener forms a desired dense phase layer. The slurry is subjected to the pressure of the squeegee, further concentrated, and then discharged through a discharge port. At this time, the pulp is already a high concentration concentrate, which can be further filtered, and at the same time, the tailings with higher concentration are discharged, which greatly improves the recovery rate and helps the enterprise to achieve an efficient production mode.

The bottom of the concentrating tank is usually designed to have a certain taper. Under the continuous scraping action of the squeegee, the deposit to the bottom of the concentrating tank moves to the center of the tank bottom and is finally discharged from the discharge hole at the center of the tank bottom.

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Wednesday, October 10th, 2018

The Emergence of New Hydrometallurgy Equipment

Hydrometallurgy is a mature technology that can be refined by hydrometallurgical equipment. To learn more, you can click: New Hydrometallurgy Equipment